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About the Urban Forest Supporters

About the Urban Forest Supporters



Hello from The Owners, Erika and Bruce!

We are a husband and wife duo on a mission to support the environment and our local urban forest. Just as trees do, our company has started small and grown over time. During college, Bruce completed a research project which planted the seed for us to start our own tree care business, and we have been branching out of that since then.

In 2003, we stepped away from our tree care services business to expand our support of the urban forest by starting Horigan Urban Forest Products (HUFP). With deep arborists roots, we stay committed to the environment, working to reduce the amount of waste in the Chicago metropolitan area . Through our milling and kiln-drying process, we are able to upcycle wood from the local urban forest and turn it into usable hardwood lumber for municipalities, homeowners, and contractors.

While Erika continues to work day-to-day at HUFP, Bruce and their son have rekindled their tree care services business. Together, our family continues to support the arbor world and the community around us.

Lumber yard stock with Erika Horigan.
Erika and Bruce Horigan.
forklift carrying a tree trunk.

Who We serve

Wood loading a kiln.

Our urban forest is located within a 50-mile radius of the Chicago metropolitan area and supplies us with high-grade lumber. We take pride in sourcing our materials locally as it helps support our communities and secures our urban forests for future generations.


Ensure the urban forest is maintained responsibly by repurposing dying or diseased trees into projects that benefit our urban landscape - such as building materials or landscape design. Bring comfort to the people of your community by supporting the environment they live in.


Losing your favorite tree can be a heartbreaking experience. With Horigan Urban Forest Products, you can bring life back to your beloved trees by repurposing them into something entirely new—Mantles, tables, benches, etc.


Support your community by sourcing your lumber locally. With our custom milling and wholesale pricing, we’ll make reusing local trees as easy as possible. Bonus: Add some history to your project by incorporating trees from the construction site.


With these resources on hand, urban forestry just became easier and more manageable! From pricing sheets to information about how to maintain your urban forest furniture, you can trust that all the information you need is available at your fingertips.