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Support Sustainable Forestry with Our Chicago Area Lumber Yard

Looking for lumber that’s sourced and manufactured locally in the northern Illinois and Chicago area? Look no further than Horigan Urban Forest Products! With a focus on sustainability, we provide municipalities, builders, and homeowners with quality lumber.



Milling & Kiln Drying

Bring your tree back to life! Custom mill trees from your property, or pick from our outdoor log yard inventory. We’ll cut the log to specified dimensions and Kiln dry for 1 - 2 months until it reaches the industry standard 8% moisture content. The result? Perfectly milled timber that always meets high customer expectations!

Tree Care

Since 1991, we've been dedicated to helping maintain the health and beauty of trees in and around Chicago. Our experienced team of arborists offers comprehensive tree care services, including tree removal, pruning, inventory, and more. Whether you are a business owner or a homeowner, our team is equipped with the skills and knowledge to provide excellent work every single time.

Custom Furniture

Add some natural beauty to your home or business with a custom hardwood furniture masterpiece that is sure to impress. Showcase a special tree of your own or repurpose lumber from the Chicago urban forest as we highlight the natural character and beauty of each individual tree and transform them into custom furniture, including table tops, countertops, and more.

Why Horigan Urban Forest Products

Keeping trees alive in another form for their second life is the best form of reuse. At Horigan Urban Forest Lumber, we are committed to making a positive environmental impact by “saving the forest one board at a time.” This commitment starts with our mission to source lumber from local trees as much as possible, creating a ‘farm to table’ way of life for businesses.  

With our deep arborist roots, we have decades of experience caring for trees. It was a natural progression for us to find a way to complete the cycle of the tree’s life once it is removed, giving it a second life as hard wood lumber for legacy projects that will live on for years. Our woman-owned lumber yard is also dedicated to providing great customer service by supporting clients through the entire process, to not only ensure they get a quality product they love but also to provide a stepping stone toward environmentally sensitive building.

3 Steps of Upcycling trees.

How Urban Trees are

We are committed to the environment by reducing the number of trees removed from the forest, the amount of fuel consumed for transportation, and the amount of carbon that is released into the atmosphere. Keeping trees alive as hardwood lumber for their second life is the best form of reuse.

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7.2 Billion BDFT could be produced from trees removed from urban areas each year. That is enough wood to build 48,000 houses.

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