At the yard December 2016

December 2016 – It’s cold at the yard but the milling continues. Damon and Jim do a great job of keeping the logs moving through and the kilns full which keep the lumber coming. We are milling lots of slabs as well as dimensional lumber. Coming to the warehouse this month: Elm , Maple and Hackberry Slabs in 8/4. Coming in January: Cookie cuts and burled slabs + white oak blocks for end tables… we are focusing on the unusual and interesting in 2017.

Below are some photos of the slabs that we milled for a historic tree the Hobson Oak.

Folks from the DuPage County and and the Naperville Parks Foundation contacted us to pick up the larger trunk and limbs for custom milling. The trunk was just about completely rotted but Damon and Jim managed to get some nice cross cuts from the top section – lower right, and some slabs from the limb wood – lower left.

Not only do we do custom milling, but we have demonstrations for groups that are interested in seeing their trees being milled.

We’ll keep you posted on what is coming out of the kiln in 2017!