Sawmill & Kiln Drying

Milling and drying your tree from your property.

Milling and drying your tree from your property. The process usually takes from 3-6 months depending on our kiln schedules. We can help be a bridge to a wide variety of wood workers and craftsmen that can make your custom piece of furniture, flooring, paneling, mantel pieces, or any product that is made from wood. For custom milling your tree, click here for details and prices.

While we have milled thousands of board feet for custom milling jobs, one of the most visible jobs we completed was for the Museum of Science and Industry’s Smart Home:Green and Wired in 2009.

It was only natural that after a storm in 2009 that knocked over a more than 100 year old bur oak tree at the Museum of Science and Industry, they called us to mill and kiln dry the lumber from this oak tree. With the Smart Home’s focus on sustainable materials, the reuse of this lumber back into furniture for the home was a perfect fit. (to read more about this project click here ).