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Horigan Urban Forest Products recycles the urban forest to the highest possible uses. We use the same trees that go to firewood or mulch, and turn them into usable hardwood lumber. We are committed to the environment by reducing the number of trees removed from the forest, the amount of fuel consumed for transportation, and the amount of carbon that is released into the atmosphere by sequestering it as hardwood lumber.

When trees need to be removed, we will mill and kiln dry them. This beautiful wood is produced without a single tree being removed for lumber. We work with many artists, cabinet makers, and builders who can use this lumber to create unique projects. By using Horigan Urban Forest Products you are guaranteed that the origin of the lumber is from the Chicago area urban forest. In many instances the address and history of the lumber is known.

Horigan UFP in the media

ABC7 Green Living from July 2nd with Hosea Sanders Produced by Sylvia Jones

New York Times Home and Garden section:

The Illinois Arborist Association (IAA) awarded Bruce Horigan the “Special Recognition” award for advancing the cause of wood recycling in the urban environment and selling tickets at the tree fund raffle for years. Bruce received this award on November 4th 2008 during the IAA conference award ceremony. Bruce has maintained an active role in the IAA since 1979.

Horigan Urban Forest Products wins the 2007 P2 Award

Illinois organizations receive awards for environmental protection achievements
22 Illinois companies and organizations recognized for efforts in protecting the environment and boosting the economy.

GLEN ELLYN, IL- The Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) along with the State’s Waste Management and Research Center (WMRC) honored 22 Illinois companies and organizations for their significant achievements in protecting the environment and boosting the economy. The Governor’s Pollution Prevention Awards and the Illinois Sustainable Technology Awards were presented today in Glen Ellyn during a luncheon. This is the 21st consecutive year the awards were presented by the WMRC, a division of the Illinois Department of Natural Resources.





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